The Vkon Empire was a massive imperium that existed over 600,000 years ago and was located in the Magna Quadrant. The Empire had a population of trillions and was incredibly advanced technologically. The Vkon had the ability to move entire star systems, using planets as outposts for defense. Their empire collapsed not long after the Age of Nakto, when the central star of their home system went supernova.

The Empire employed guardians known as ‘Mēnōk’ to defend its outposts and to act as gatekeepers for those seeking entry to the Empire. At least one such guardian, Mēnōk 21, survived on a planet in the Delphi Brdu system, where it currently lives [in our future], in the year 2364.

Mēnōk 21 makes music and other sound recordings under the moniker ‘Vkon,’ and has ever so graciously sent us an album of fine new music inspired by ‘This Human Madness’ here on Earth.

This otherworldly occasion is the first instance of contact with the otherwise extinct Vkon, and little else is known of them. However, in the relativistic future; i.e., Vkon’s immortal past, we hope to bring you more exciting music from The Artist Formerly Known as Mēnōk 21.