Christian Calloway


Talk about a skyrocketing career, Christian Calloway became an entertainer at age 16. With his own morning radio talk show and position of News Director, this early start led to some amazing accomplishments. Growing up on a ranch he participated in rodeo sports and spent many years as a rodeo bullfighter and clown. Life for him included 25 years as an aerospace engineer working on the Space Station and the Shuttle engines. Often courted by the nations largest space program, SpaceX, Christian has set all that aside and focuses on a career in Hollywood.

He professes how grateful he is for all those involved in his life that has helped him move into the mainstream Hollywood business with appearances on Twin Peaks and many other shows including Marvels Runaways, Angie Tribeca, Ghosted and the list goes on.

As a human, Christian is an amazing example of goodness and kindness. Spending time helping others learn how to be kind to others and standing on street corners with a sign that reads “Wanna Talk? I’ll Listen.” He has a charity called “Will Work for Change…helps in fulfilling the needs of others” in which his only call for donation is for others to simply be good and kind to those around them.

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