Audio Scream Records, LLC is an American independent music label based in Los Angeles, California, founded September 15, 2015 by eccentric Hollywood-based guitarist/composer/producer Andrew von Gregor, initially as a means of releasing his own music under a variety of different characters, alter-egos, aliases and stage names.

Audio Scream is moving forward as a multidisciplinary record label and publishing company, and will aggressively manage the brands, trademarks and intellectual property of its startup roster of unique and talented artists, as well as coordinate the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for their future sound recordings, music videos and merchandising. Audio Scream plans to occasionally conduct talent scouting and development of new artists and is presently in the process of negotiating a variety of talent equity contracts with various professional musicians, producers, engineers and their respective managers around the globe.

With a small but increasing worldwide cult fan following, Audio Scream is poised to grow into a multigenerational international record label, and is surely one of the ones to watch in underground and emerging mainstream music circles. Going forward, Audio Scream will strive to consistently release unique, award-worthy music recordings and music videos of the highest creative quality, across an unndiscriminated variety of genres. With respect to the music on the label now, Von Gregor has said, “I am very selective about the artists with whom I work and the music we release; I put out only what I personally like, from creatives in whom I believe 100%.”